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APF Magazine March 2014
English | 91 Pages | PDF | 33MB

APF is an evolving magazine where we recognise fresh talent. The intent is to provide a platform for emerging photographers, artists & designers to showcase their works, works that are not necessarily commercial, to create opportunities and open new doors. The subjects explored are broad, in terms of concepts, styles and techniques. We want to explore the limits and possibilities. APF is born from an education imperative, we wish to motivate you to do better and also promote art on an international platform. We intend to offer sensible, informed insight of what’s happening in the Art world, we also aim to offer necessary tools for dialogue and idea exchange regarding Art. We are dedicated to publish in depth exhibition, photo book reviews, essays & interviews.
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EOS Magazine April-June 2014
English | 84 Pages | True PDF | 33MB

EOS magazine is for everyone with an EOS camera. Whether you have bought your first Canon SLR or have been using the EOS system for many years, EOS magazine will improve your photography. Photography is not all about the camera. It's all about what you do with the camera, what you see when you look through the viewfinder and how you compose the final image. EOS magazine will teach you how to see those shots, the rules to follow when composing an image and when to break those rules.
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ElGato EyeTV 3.6.5 (Mac OS X)
ElGato EyeTV 3.6.5 (Mac OS X) | 161 MB
EyeTV brings a rich TV experience to your Mac.

Watch live TV on your Mac. Pause, rewind, and record whenever you want. EyeTV gives you powerful control over what you watch and how you watch it.
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iAtkos M (MacOS 10.9 Mavericks) way to create a bootable USB Drive 10.9
iAtkos M (MacOS 10.9 Mavericks) way to create a bootable USB drive 10.9 [Intel] [K-ed] | 6.62 GB

Description: This assembly was assembled individually to configure my system unit. it is not yet installed, I already have installed for Hackintosh. being not quite professional "hakintoshnikov" I do not know how to install this assembly retaining all user settings and programs. as will understand - I'll bet. if there are those who know and teach - I will be grateful for the help
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The Gnomon Workshop: Environment Sculpting with David Lesperance
The Gnomon Workshop - Environment Sculpting With David Lesperance
English | .mp4 | AVC 1280x720 15 fps | AAC 96 Kbps 48.0 KHz | 1.01 GB
Genre: eLearning

This lecture will provide an in-depth look at the workflow David Lesperance uses to design environments.
Starting off, he will cover basic concepts of asset building including kit bashing, grid space modeling, basic UVs and asset cleanliness.
Normal and displacement mapping will also be covered. Dave will then move into his lighting setups using V-Ray.
He will discuss lighting and rendering in V-Ray, covering HDRI and physical camera setups, along with efficient render settings.
Throughout the class David will be sharing many time-saving tips and tricks that he uses in his day-to-day workflow for 3ds Max, ZBrush and Photoshop.
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Akvis All Plugins 2014 x86/x64 Updated (19.04.2014) Multilingual

Akvis All Plugins 2014 x86/x64 Updated (19.04.2014) Multilingual | 2.03 GB

AKVIS All Plugins 2014 will make you the artist , restorer, a magician and a creative person . When you first turn the program AKVIS, a surprisingly simple interface box and 5-6 buttons when you hover over them exhaustively talk about their functions .
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Race to the Pole: Tragedy, Heroism, and Scott's Antarctic Quest (Audiobook) By Ranulph Fiennes, read by David Povall
Unabridged edition 2004 | 16 hours and 22 mins | ISBN: 0792733878 | MP3 48 kbps | 355 MB

The real story of Captain Robert Scott's legendary Antarctic quest, told by the man whom the Guinness Book of World Records has proclaimed "the world's greatest living explorer"
In 1911, Captain Robert Scott and his competitor Roald Amundsen conquered the unconquerable: Antarctica. This perilous race to the South Pole claimed the life of Scott and became the stuff of legend, as well as scrutiny. This compelling, meticulously researched history of Captain Scott and his fatal journey, by renowned modern-day explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, holder of 10 expeditionary records, is the definitive account of this hotly debated quest.
Fiennes offers an account of Scott's motivations and aspirations for the Pole, and his historic clash with Amundsen over goals and approaches. He also reveals the unpredictably disastrous weather patterns that led to the extreme cold that ultimately doomed Scott's return trip. Infused with the intensity of fiction and exhibiting an exhaustive eye for detail found in the greatest historical biographies, Race to the Poleis a prodigious achievement and certain to become a classic in the literature of exploration.
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Acustica Audio Stradipad Platinum Collection v1.3.609.0-R2R
Acustica Audio Stradipad Platinum Collection v1.3.609.0 Incl Keygen-R2R
TEAM R2R 2014.04.19 | 1.37 GB

Stradipad Platinum Collection is a Bundle that includes 8 plugins: Analog and Warm Pad, Background, Classic and Modern Strings, Swedish Strings, Violin, Cello, Bass, Orchestra. StradiPad is created to fulfill your demand for synthetic strings, synth pad and acoustical string instruments tracks processing. Normally, you don't need more than one instance of StradiPad on your track to obtain a finished sound which stays in the right place in the mix. Stradipad is a standalone plugin comparable to a real hardware-chain often composed by unique and unobtainable devices.